Since its establishment, Narita Foods has placed the highest importance on making delicious bean sprouts. Narita Moyashi bean sprouts are the result of this long tradition of superb quality.

Only the choicest mung beans are used to make Narita Moyashi, which undergo strict hygiene control and detailed management by computer. The mung beans are carefully raised on pure water of the highest quality.Since its inception, Narita Foods has dedicated itself to the production of Narita Moyashi, which are full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients. Consumers love Narita Moyashi - which can be called the "standard of bean sprouts" - for their safety, freshness, ease of use, and health benefits.

Best Moyashi, the "King of Bean Sprouts," has forever changed the history of bean sprouts.

Best Moyashi can be said to have changed the history of bean sprouts. They were developed based on comments we received from our customers about their dissatisfactions with traditional bean sprouts – namely, that bean sprouts didn't last very long or that it was annoying to have to remove the root portion. After hearing such comments, we promptly began research and development. Starting with the raw materials, we carried out many tests on germination percentage and resistance, finally settling on a type of mung bean that is only grown in one area of China. Through two years of trial cultivation and the gathering and analysis of massive amounts of information, "Best Moyashi" was born in 1988. We continued improving them thereafter, and have been able to successfully remove over 90% of roots for a truly delicious product.

Best 4 and Best 1kg bean sprouts for professional use.

Best Moyashi packaged for professional use are beloved by chefs who appreciate the highest quality. Choose from 1kg or 4kg packages to suit your method of use. These sprouts are long lasting and crispy, and don't lose their crunch even when stir fried, resulting in hearty, satisfying dishes. Also, with respect to freshness, safety, and nutrition, this product is endorsed by the School Dietitian Conference of Japan.

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