Gifu Plant

Gifu Plant

The Gifu Plant is our manufacturing base for the western Japan area

The Gifu Plant can be accessed by getting off at the Meishin Expressway's Sekigahara IC, and taking National Route 365 towards Kamiishizu-cho for approximately fifteen minutes. Surrounded by abundant nature, this plant sends fresh, healthy vegetables all over western Japan.

Gifu Plant

〒503-1601 168-1 Otsuzaka, Kami Ishizu-cho, Oogaki-shi, Gifu Prefecture
Tel : 0584-46-3588 Fax : 0584-46-3580


Grounds area / 50,000m2
Plant total floor area / Approximately12,781m2
Maximum daily production amount / 70t


■By train
Approximately 20 minutes by taxi from Gifu-Hashima Station on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen, or approximately 20 minutes from Ogaki Station on the JR Tokaido Main Line.

■By car
Approximately 15 minutes from the Meishin Expressway Sekigahara IC.

Principal Products

  General retail use

Professional use

Mung bean sprout series

Narita Moyashi, Netori Moyashi, other private brand products

Best 4kg,1kg

Soybean Sprouts series Mamedon

Manedon 1kg

Black Soybean Sprouts series


Kuroppe 1kg

Vegetable stir fry series

Mixed Bean Sprouts (other varieties also available)

Cut raw vegetable series

Cup Salad (other varieties also available)


Current as of April 2012


Exhibition Room

Exhibition Room

The Gifu Plant's exhibition room.

Observation Pathway

Observation Pathway

The observation pathway allows visitors to view the thorough hygiene management involved in our production process.